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Getting In The Action of Slots Tournaments

A slot tournament is where a huge following of a sport meet and see which one of them is the ultimate champion. Tournaments are usually held once a year so as to make sure that players can do their best to practice in the off season. Being part of a tourney is something near tonirvana for some because they can see new skills and new techniques of different payers revealed for the first time right in from of their eyes. Players are usually excited about the tourney date and it isn't unusual to see casinos a bit filled up with people playing around the clock. Theydo this so that theywould stand a good chance against the other players from across the state. Players from different backgrounds and different walks of life troop to that one day wherein all the best are gathered. It is interesting to note that many people who visit the tourney are sometimes carried away by the playing fever that they become fans and join the next tourney.

There are varied rules in a tourney. The most common one is to arrange the players by their age or skill level and let the process of elimination take its lead. In the process of elimination, players are normally grouped in small groups of 5 to 8 players plus a dealer. The games are held at the same time so that by the end of the day, a winner could be declared. The grouping help test the players to see where their skills lie and if they are good enough to advance.

There are some tourneys that are have an age only grouping. This is sometimes called an "uneven tourney" because the groups are based on the age of the players and not their skill. Some may finds this unfair but sometimes it is one way of grouping them. Player who sign up know this and should not complain.

The size of the pot is determined by the number of players involved. The more players, the higher the pot. Tourneys are really a one shot deal and many players know that its either a make or break when they sign up. The entrance fee usually starts at about a hundred dollars and its kept hat way so that many people can join p. Sometimes there are tourneys that are also fund raisers and sometimes a place in it could cost much more. Many players regard this as a place where one can make some fast cash - if they are good enough. The tourney ends when there is one winner. There are never draws or ties in a tourney. There may be awards for runner up or best player of sots but that's about it.

Slot tourney are always fun and while it does offer a large reward for the winner, it also build fellowship within the game. SOmetimes couples meet and get hitched after the tourney. Some have even resorted to making the tourney a socializing place or a place where singles could get together and just mingle . Socializing comes first then playing. This is not really good because serious players enter expecting the be facing good players only to have some cheap pick up line thrown at their faces. The tourney is also a good place for women to play in. Unlike casinos where almost anyone gets in, tourneys are normally more guarded and close knit.

Slot tournament are fun to take part of and when one experiences the thrill of being in one, it prompts them to try out the other tourneys as well. It helps introduce players to other types of games and may eventually lead that person to specialize in them.