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Online Price is Right Slot Machine

IGT who are famous for their television premised game has come out and distributed one more online video slot machine, The Price is Right slot machine. A 9 pay lines in a 5-reel video slot game, The Price is Right pass the entertainment worth of one of 20th century's famous television show The Price is Right to online casino rooms.

This slot machine has 5 coins per line maximum bet. A player to be eligible to play the progressive jackpot needs to acquire the maximum 9 lines. Multiplying 5 coins per line to the maximum 9 lines will have 45 coins maximum bet. In certain casinos, a 1 cent, 5 cents and a dollar machines are available.

The Bonus Games

The Price is Right bonus games follow the same kind of bonuses the television show is giving over the last 30 years. The Cliff Hangers bonus game is base on a mountain climber which deliberately climbs up the slope of the mountain while you look forward to that no untoward incident happens to the climber. The Price is Right slots machine offers other bonus games that includes the Dice Game, Plinko, and the biggest Showcase Showdown Bonus Game.

The Price is Right Showcase Bonus Game

A player wins the Showcase Bonus Game when a line shows 3 showcase icons. The player then picks price tags that correspond to some amount of money. This tag could either be fix money values or double the amount. But the best price tag is giving the player the option of peeping at a 2nd Showcase price.

The Showcase Jackpot

The Price Is Right Slots Showcase Jackpot A scene players want to witness is the showcase jackpot. This bonus game will be initiated by making 5 icons on the 9th pay line. The progressive jackpot of The Price is Right dollar slot machine will even reach $100,000 and that's a lot of bucks to win. In the nickel slot machine, jackpot amount reaches to $10,000 and a good return of investment for the player.

The Price is right is a regular fixture in morning shows for so many years now. Drew Carrey inheriting the hosting job from Bob Parker may change the outlook of the game. But who cares, fans still savor the good old days while playing the game. The Price is right online video slot machine is voiced-over by Rod Roddy the man responsible for calling out contestant to come up the stage in the television show version.

The Price is Right New Version The new version of The Price is Right slot game is the Fort Knox Mystery Progressive which features the "linked' jackpot. A Fort Knox link system is capable of tying up 63 linked games. These machines are interactively linked to other machines so crucial to video slots machine. This four level progressive jackpot machines have Copper, Silver gold and Platinum as progressive levels. Player is guaranteed higher jackpot amount if he reaches a different level. Players choose tile with dollars sign.