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Where to Find the Best Odds on Online Slots?

For players who want to find where are the best odds on online slots can be found will have to do some researching to get the information they wanted. But for those who don't want to do the research on their own, here are some software company of various online casinos that offer the best odds on online slots.

Rival Gaming - The online casinos that use the software from Rival Gaming has many online slots that offer the best odds for winning the large jackpot at stake. The classic three-reel online slots are among the ones that you can find the best odds.

Cryptologic - The Cryptologic casinos are known to have the best return rates but unfortunately, these online slots don't accept players that are based from the United States. The online slots network of Cryptologic records a payback percentage of more than 96% monthly.

Microgaming - This software company claims of having a monthly return percentage of about 95.40%. Microgaming has lots of best odds online slots line up and you can even find some online slots that have over 96% payback. Fortunately, these online slots accept players from some 39 states of the United States.

Playtech - The return rate of Playtech Online slots are lingering around 96%. On a monthly basis, the numbers vary from as high as 98% to as low as 95%+. Online casinos that use Playtech software don't accept players that are based from the United States.

Net Entertainment - The Fortune Slots of Net Entertainment are claiming to have a consistent payback percentage of more than 97%. The online casinos that use the software are publishing the theoretical returns of more than 96%.

Real Time Gaming - Real time Gaming or RTG is a software company that permits their clients, the online casinos, to choose their desired payback percentages. Because of this, you can never be sure as to how much percentage you are going to get from a specific online slot. In spite of that, online slots from Real Time Gaming are really fun to play and you will have an absolutely great time with them. There are Real Time Gaming casinos that accept players from the United States and there are some that don't.

Boss Media - A software company that has a great network of online casinos that sustains the online slots progressive jackpots. When it comes to your high-end options, the progressive online slots of Boss Media are among the better choice.

These are where you can find the best odds in playing online slots. Hope that this helps you in making the right choice with regards to online slots.