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However, so great was the success of slot machines from the first that people started playing them for hours on end, and the casinos began to buy more and more slots, until Fey couldn't keep up with demand in his shop. His invention was getting greater attention than he thought it would get at first. At the time, he was the only manufacturer of slots in the country, but in time more and more companies started building and selling them.

And the rest is history. Today slot machines are a major part of any casino, and there are rooms full of slots and other such games. Indeed, they have come a long way since the days of the first slot machine, and today they are true technological wonders. There are so many slot games to pick and choose from, that in one single casino you may spend say or even weeks playing all of them. There are two main kinds of slots. The first is the regular slot, and it pays out according to the combinations on the slots. The second is the progressive and it pays out an an accumulating sum that can truly reach the millions.

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