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Things You Should Know About Slot Machines

Any decent self-proclaimed slot machine player must know at least some basic facts about slot machines. After all, there's more to slot machines than just playing it. I give you some basic slot machine facts.

Fact number one: Even if slot machine manufacturers have gone a long way in coming up with slot machine models and designs, all slot machines are the same, at least in their core. All slot machines are nothing more than slot machine software and hardware designed by slot machine manufacturers.

There maybe different designs in the outside, maybe even different themes for each slot machine, but in the inside, all slot machines are the same. So my advice to all those newbie slot machine players, don't get intimidated by fancy shmancy designs.

All slot machines are played the same way it has been years ago, put the coin, pull the arm and hope you'll win. Although, watch out for those payouts. Slot machines are the same but payouts are definitely different.

Fact number two: Beware of people or company that try to sell you products or information they claim can win you millions. Slot machines simply don't work that way. Any decent slot machine player must know that the winning slot machine combination is chosen randomly. They are changed every second and activated only the moment you put a coin inside. Anybody claiming you could win millions with a certain combination is either pulling your leg or simply fooling you.

Fact number three: Slot machines with reels that go above the usual three reeled slot machine should be avoided at all cost, unless of course you want to throw away money. Experts have advised us all to stay clear of such deadly slot machines as they have higher odds that you'll lose. Don't try to reason out, just do it.

Fact number four: There is such a thing as 'hot slots' or slots that give you higher percentage of payback. These slot machines are especially designed by casinos to attract more players and advertise casino slot machines. They are more commonly found in very public, visible places. Try to take advantage of these hot slots.

Fact number five: It is a very very good idea to play with your coins and not with your credits. Playing with coins help you to realize how much you have already spent. It slows you down and makes you think first before spending in a slot machine again. Credits tend to be seen by slot machine players as anything but real money. To avoid these, use real coins. After a long losing streak, you'll finally realize you've had enough and collect your winnings, that is your accumulated credits.

Many more facts about slot machines should be known but I hope I helped in easing some of your information burden. Go get that jackpot.