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The Quest on Finding Loose Slot Machines

The most important goal of a slot player is to find a loose slot machine from the casino floor. Loose slot machines are those that offer better pay back to return to slot players in the long run of playing the machine.

The casino floor is flocked with slot machines of various pay out percentages and pay out schedules. It is a slot player's job to find a higher paying slot machine that pays its players more often.

Slot machines are considered tight when in the long run of playing the machine it does not pay at all or rarely pays its players. Loose slot machines are those considered to be generous slot machines which often give a pay out to its players.

Slot players have created several conjectures on how to find loose machines. Slot player's insinuations are mostly based from myths and it helps to know how slot players stand when embarking a quest on finding loose slot machines from the casino floor.

A few common beliefs of slot players regarding slot machines include the following.

1. There is one loose slot machine amidst the many tight slot machines on the casino floors. 2. Loose slot machines are always placed near the entrance to show off that slot machines are paying to entice incoming gamblers to the casino to play slots too. 3. Tight machines are placed near the table games to attract table game players to play slots while going to the cashier's cage to cash out their coins. 4. Loose slot machines are usually located near the casino cage to let people cashing out their winnings be attracted to play slot machines.

These beliefs are not proven to be true because for one not all casinos are the same. Each casino observes varied slot machine policies which are not standard for other casinos to observe. Casino operators will not make the presence of their loose slot machines known to their players or else they will be losing more from their slot games if slot players know where to find their paying slot machines.

Casinos are in the business to earn from their player's wagers on slots. It is very likely that there will be more tight slot machines than loose ones and very unlikely that the casino manager will place their loose slot machines on conspicuous places where slot players are more likely to look for.

It is always best that slot players observe prudence on proper bankroll management when playing slots and to enjoy every moment of playing the machine. This will give them more benefit than embarking a quest to look for loose slot machines which the casino makes harder to be found by their players.