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How to Save Money at the Slot Machines

Once you start playing the slot machines, always bear in mind that you play not only to win huge jackpot prizes, but also to avoid losing a big amount of money. That is why you have to decide on your money-saving strategies so you can save the majority of your bankroll and still enjoy your time at the slot machines. Without these smart strategies, you'll be apt to lose a lot of money and compromise you and your family's financial standing.

When you start playing, always choose the slot machine with the lowest denomination that you're comfortable playing at. That means choosing the slot machine that fits your bankroll. If your bankroll only allows you to play at a 5-coin nickel machine, why play at a $1 machine? Lower denomination machines offer lower odds, lower payback rates and lesser jackpots, but you'll lose much less money on them. With these kinds of machines, you'll have more chances to play and enjoy slots and still minimize your losses.

What about those progressive slot machines, those machines that offer liefe-changing jackpots? Progressive slots offer much lower payback percentages than traditional slots so play these kinds of machines only for the chance to hit that huge jackpot, but don't make progressive slots the mainstay of your slot play. Otherwise, you'll just lose a lot of money without getting something in return. If you decide to try hitting the progressive jackpots, look for progressive slot machines with lower denominations (50 cents instead of $1) or those with fewer maximum coins (2 instead of 3).

Always look for slot machines offering high payback percentages. Often, casinos advertise some of their slot machines as having a specifically high payback rate. Some casinos in Las Vegas, for example, advertise slot machines with 98% payback percentages. Look for these high-payback slot machines when you play in these casinos. But don't listen to those claims of "high payback" or "loosest slot machines" without telling you where these slot machines can be found. The casinos should tell you exactly which machines are offering higher payback rates than the others.

Avoid video reel slot machines unless you are comfortable playing with these machines. The payback percentages of video slots are slightly lower than on mechanical machines, but you tend to bet a lot more because of the higher paylines.

Lastly, don't focus your casino gaming on slot machines. As much as possible, learn another casino game, preferably a table game. When you are sick and tired of playing the slots (this will most probably happen if you keep on playing without ever winning), you can always play another game which will allow you take your mind off the slots. Table games offer better odds of winning and there's nothing more enjoyable than playing against other people, instead of a lifeless machine.