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Slot Machine: Your Luck in a Box

A slot machine is a luck-spinning piece of electronic equipment. To set your luck into spinning, you need to put a coin or a bill into the slot.

To operate a slot machine, you don't need theorems and gambling knowledge and a long list of how-to's. Activating a slot machine is not a complicated process. It's more like pulling the tab off a soda can. With slots, all you need to do is insert some money and press buttons or pull a lever where there's a lever .

There are two popular types of slot machines: the reel slot machine and the video slot machine. Both have the same function: to randomly generate a jackpot. If you hit the jackpot, you win a corresponding amount for that jackpot.

A reel slot machine takes coins and paper bills and tokens. Reel slots can receive a maximum of 3 coins at the same time. Reel slots may have one, two, three, or five paylines.

To bet, you can select between two types of buttons available: " play one credit" and "play max credits." "Play one credit" is for individual credits. You can press it until you reach your desired credit amount. To make an automatic bet equal to the maximum bet limit, just press "play max credit."

After which, you pull off the handle or side lever if there's one, or press the "spin reels" button.

A video slot game can be set into spinning with a push of a button. Some vide slot use touch screen technology. To play, you also begin by depositing coins or paper bills into the slot appropriated for them. A video slot machine can take as many as 500 credits.

To play, you need to press two buttons in a video slot --- one buttons if for activating paylines and the other button is for your bets or credits for each payline. You can select any number of paylines not exceeding the maximum number of paylines a machine is configured with. A video slot may have as many as 50 paylines.

If you luck upon a winning combination (such as three cherrys, 7s, double bars), your winnings will be totaled with your current credit and will appear on the credit meter. To withdraw your remaining credits or cash out your winnings, simply press the "Cash Out" button. Either you will get a ticket bearing the sum of credit and which you can cash from the cashier, or you will be hearing the tinkiing of coins as the machine drops them on the coin box.

Again, activating a slot machine involves simple pushing of coins and buttons. Easy, does it. But with a slot machine, your 5cents may change your fortune.